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Sonny Landreth - The Road We're On (2003)

 Clyde Vernon "Sonny" Landreth (born February 1, 1951) is an American blues musician from southwest Louisiana who is especially known as a slide guitar player. He was born in Canton, Mississippi, and settled in Lafayette, Louisiana. He lives in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.

 Landreth is known as "the King of Slydeco" and plays with a strong zydeco influence. Guitarist Eric Clapton has said that Landreth is one of the most advanced guitarists in the world and one of the most under-appreciated.

 Landreth is best known for his slide guitar playing, having developed a technique where he also frets notes and plays chords and chord fragments by fretting behind the slide while he plays. Landreth plays with the slide on his little finger, so that his other fingers have more room to fret behind the slide. He is also known for his right-hand technique, which involves tapping, slapping, and picking strings, using all of the fingers on his right hand. He wears a special thumb pick/flat pick hybrid on his thumb so that he can bear down on a pick while simultaneously using his finger-style technique for slide.

Sonny Landreth - Wikipedia

 いまだにこのalbumを超えるBlues Rockの作品に出会ったことがない。おそらく、現時点でのBlues Rockの最高峰じゃないかと勝手に思っている。

 彼のこのslide guitarが唸るような高音とまるでbaseのような重低音を自在に出していてホント圧巻の一言っ!
 Sonny Landrethは、heavy glass slideを使った独特のslide guitarの演奏を特徴としているmusicianだが、ともかくその音色が非常に独特。まさにguitarが「鳴く」といった感じ。

 もう一曲目のTrue Blueからシビレてしまった。

 下の動画は、Cross Road FestivalでEric Claptonと競演した際のもの。このalbum『The Road We're On』からPromise Landという曲(いかにも南部っぽいtitleだ)。二人のguitarの掛け合いは、ホント必聴!

Sonny Landreth & Eric Clapton - Promise Land (Official Live Video)